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Good service

Many thanks to the staff of the hotel for attentive attitude to customers, for the constantly provided help.

Mr. Sutyrin (ООО «Strategic Business Solutions»)

Sensitivity and attention

I am very grateful to the administrators and maids for their sensitive and attentive attitude. Smiles in the morning and sincere kindness!

Mr. Hayretdinov (ООО «Strategic Business Solutions»)

Level of service

Thank you for the cordial reception, quality service, attention from the staff. All hotel staff want to continue to maintain a decent level of service. Thank you!!!

Mr. Alekseenko (city Komsomolsk-on-Amur)

Nice memories

Many thanks to the staff of the hotel for the cordial welcome, attention to the guests, the goodwill of the staff. We have the most pleasant memories of your hotel.

Ms. Shestakova (АО «ANHK»)

Ms. Tkacheva (АО «ANHK»)

Friendly team

Many thanks to the staff of the hotel for their attention, understanding. I wish your friendly team to work for such a long time with such a composition. Health to everyone !!!

Mr. Mikhailov (Angarsk, Russia)


Thank you for the hospitality, warm atmosphere and coziness. Very friendly staff.

Ms. Shepilova (Moscow, Russia)

Welcome reception

Many thanks to the hotel staff for the hospitality, cordial reception, attention to the visitors and the goodwill of the staff. We wish your team health, good luck in your work and all the best.

Mr. Kudryashov (Omsk, Russia)

Comfortable hotel

Very cozy and comfortable hotel. The staff is polite and sympathetic. Thanks to care and attention, I felt at home, rested and did not notice any fatigue after a day's work. Be sure to recommend your hotel to friends and acquaintances. I will continue to be your client from now on.

Mr. Teplov (АО «Svyaztransneft»)

Working meeting

I want to express my gratitude to the hotel staff for the excellent organization of the company's employees and foreign guests in the course of the preparation and holding of the working meeting. Polite and helpful hotel staff. She meets you and sees off with a smile on her face.

Mr. Slanevsky (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Warm Ratio

Many thanks for the kind and warm attitude of the hotel staff. Good business!

Best Regards «SNPZ»

Honest people

Many thanks to the hotel staff. They are honest and respectable people.

Mr. Luzhkov (Rostov, Russia)

All the best

All the staff of the hotel have luck, happiness, good and human goods. Be happy and successful!

Group «Vorovayki»

Good impression

Remained a very good impression of the service in your hotel. Polite and courteous staff. It was very pleasant to live in your hotel. Thank you very much for your hospitality and all the best to you.

Mozyr Oil Refinery (Belarus Republic)

Cleanliness and tidiness

We express our deep gratitude for the high quality of service, cleanliness, order, excellent food. Thank you for your hospitality, kindness. We wish your team health, peace and good. Keep it up!!!

АО «RNPK» (Ryazan, Russia)

Comfortable rooms

Many thanks for the warm welcome and comfortable accommodation! Friendly staff, comfortable rooms.

Mr. Markelov (PАО «NK-Rosneft»)

Attention to wishes

Many thanks for the goodwill of the staff and attention to the requirements and wishes of everyone!

Ms. Rashchanikuva (PАО «NK-Rosneft»)

Group Tokyo

Group "Tokyo"

They stopped in the district with the whole creative team. Location of the hotel has to rest in breaks between work, tasty food in the restaurant, a cozy bar, decent rooms - all this leaves a pleasant impression of living. On the day of departure, the staff took care of the taxi to the airport and woke up on time.
All the staff and the administration of the hotel "The Lights of the Zarechie". Thank you very much for your convenience and comfort! Pleasantly surprised. Good luck!

Yaroslav Malyi (Krivoy Rog, Ukraine)
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